Şeref Arpacı (Father of our founder Derya Dündar Arpacı) operating a jacquard handloom. (1952, Babadağ / Denizli)

About Us

Our story begins in a small mountainous village called Babadağ, a district of the hub textile city Denizli.

Agriculture had always been hard for the residents of this village due to its geography and therefore, people have been making living from weaving and stitching.

This genetic code we inherited led the inception of Motif Tekstil in 1991.

A small family business what 30 years ago could fit easily into a building of 300 square meters is now operating in a privately-owned building of 6500 square meters, exporting the biggest brands of Europe with latest technology machinery and specialized employees of sewers, embroidery operators, cutting operators, finishers and many more with the capacity of 1.2 Million pieces a year.

Being experienced over 40 years, we carry on the rich heritage of Turkish home textile, always urging for growth, providing seamless services and manufacturing complete range of textile and apparel products by respecting the nuances of customized desires of our customers.

The reason that Motif is being recognized as a reliable production partner in the global markets is the principles adopted for the quality of production and services and timely deliveries. Our team ensures that only flawless products are delivered at customers’ premises within the scheduled time.

A flawless product becomes such when quality control happens at every step of the process, right from production to final delivery with latest technology inspection machines and quality control staff who pick out flaws in the blink of an eye.

Only when a company has extensive quality control in place, it can ensure that customers receive defect-free products in time and every single time. However, quality control is not just about meeting industry standards but going beyond and satisfying every aspect of your demands and requirements.

We are well aware of that nothing stays the same in textiles. Everything changes with an increasing speed. Colors. Patterns. Fabrics. This is also how we work. We are in constant motion. Always a step ahead of your demands. All of our departments in our factory are working along the same line, like a well-woven fabric.